Food, Beverage & Hospitality

Lane Powell
is able to provide and apply the highest caliber of skill and talent to all of your food, beverage and hospitality legal needs.

Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance: We can assist you in navigating an ever-increasing maze of state and federal food law regulations.

Intellectual Property: Lane Powell’s intellectual property lawyers provide full service trademark, trade dress, copyright and patent legal advice, e-commerce and Internet services, licensing, and even the implications of gift certificates to protect and enhance your company’s brand portfolio.

Insurers: We have in-depth experience working with insurers, publicists and others whom you may need to contact in the event of a business crisis.

Criminal Defense: Should any state or federal regulatory actions include criminal investigations, Lane Powell’s white collar criminal defense lawyers may be called upon to help you and your company.

Forming, Financing and Franchising: If you are interested in franchising, our experienced lawyers can help you navigate and comply with franchising laws as either a franchisor or franchisee.

Immigration and Employment: The nuts and bolts of running any food, beverage or hospitality business includes handling the myriad immigration, employment, and wage and hour law issues that are a fact of life for companies whose livelihoods are based on providing food, beverage and hospitality products and services.

Hospitality and Restaurateurs: Our attorneys have experience analyzing leases and credit structures, negotiating terms of purchase and helping secure financing. The Firm’s taxation experience helps ensure maximum tax benefits as part of the acquisition, especially in complicated city-center scenarios.

Single Source for Legal Needs: With its wide selection of practice areas, Lane Powell offers its food, beverage and hospitality clients a single source for their legal needs.

The Firm brings proven legal proficiency to real estate, financing, public/private partnership, employment and franchise matters, to name a few. Clients have a single contact attorney for convenience and effectiveness.